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Arizona businesses can no longer just invest in IT security that blocks threats, like firewalls and internet security, but must prepare for the entire attack continuum in expectation of a security break. Cisco has been addressing this for more than 6 years now, see their white paper on Addressing the Full Attack Continuum.

Before an Attack

  • Businesses need to know what’s on their network to be able to defend it
  • Next-generation firewalls are available from Cisco that provide intelligent control points with unified policy and threat visibility and making the network an extension of the firewall solution
  • Implement access controls with geo-fencing, enforce consistent policy, and block applications and overall access to assets

During an Attack

  • When attacks get through, detection is vital for response initiation
  • On attack or breach detection, block them and defend the environment using automated security policies without manual intervention

After an Attack

  • A subset of attacks will likely be successful
  • Continuously gather and analyze data to create security intelligence
  • Remediation is performed based on awareness of security intelligence and attack vectors encountered
  • Determine the scope of the damage, contain the event, remediate, and bring operations back to normal

Cisco’s New Security Model

  • Visibility Driven
    • Can see and gather data from all potential attack vectors across network fabric, endpoints, email and web gateways, mobile devices, virtual environments, and various cloud accounts
  • Threat Focused
    • Extend to wherever employees are located, wherever data is, and wherever data can be accessed from
    • Requires continuous analysis and real-time security intelligence
  • Platform-Based
    • Covers network, devices, and cloud
    • Centralized security management, unified policy, consistent controls
Secure and Unsecure locks