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Network Security Assessment Help With Wireless Design & Security

Providing wireless internet access is becoming an ever greater need for both employees and customers that frequent modern offices. However, in doing so, companies need to be cautious. There are many network security items that should be considered. The range of the area that is covered, the access level available, the overall network security, and whether or not to charge for internet access are just some questions a company will need to ask themselves.

While it may seem simple to just leave access open without password requirement, this is a dangerous risk. This will expose your network to any person who may want to get into your shared drive and sensitive information. Even setting up WiFi with a password provides limited security. That exposes your customer’s sensitive data that is in your keeping and invites potential lawsuits. It’s far better to protect the hot spot with a captive web portal. A captive web portal will separate the access of employees from that of guests. It also makes available a variety of advanced features like content filters and Intrusion Prevention Systems. Let LeeShanok perform a network security assessment, and help you keep your Phoenix businesses' wireless access for employees safe while still making available a hot spot for your clients.

Key Benefits

  • Provide superior customer service with Wireless Internet Access
  • Secure your Network from outside intrusion
  • Protect any customer data stored on shared drives
  • Filter content to keep out harmful viruses
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