Cisco Datacenter Makes Data Center Implementation Simple for Your Phoenix Business

Data. It’s at the core of business. But in today’s environment, businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to manage their data center internally.

LeeShanok understands this challenge, and we provide a customized Cisco DataCenter designed to meet your Phoenix business data storage needs. Using a consultative approach, we partner with our customers to develop advanced IT solutions.

As your company grows or goes through business changes, your data center footprint doesn’t have to experience the same complicated changes. Your needs may not require racks upon racks of power hungry servers; the data center is scalable to the size and need of the business, meaning a machine that can easily fit into a closet. LeeShanok designs and manages next generation data center architectures that are unified, friendly, and efficient for IT administrators to support. Your Data Center is simplified and designed for the virtual world.]

From a line of business applications to physical or virtual environments, our custom storage architecture is tailored to the exact fit of your business. Just another way LeeShanok puts our passion for intelligent and innovative IT to work for you.

Efficiency in processes.
Expertise in technology.
Excellence in customer service.
LeeShanok knows data centers.

Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS)

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Cisco Datacenter Makes Data Center Implementation Simple for Your Phoenix Business