Private Cloud Hosting

Private Cloud Hosting: Leave Your Server, Communications, and Infrastructure Needs to Us!

Hosting… cloud computing… ASP Model… the idea has been around for years, but now it makes more sense than ever!

See our Advanced IT Flyer for an overview of our strategic solutions.

Right now, you absorb the costs and management of your IT infrastructure, support personnel, physical space, environment and planning. Time to focus on what you do best! Your business operations!

The future is here now! There are many cloud hosting alternatives available, and each solution has benefits and costs. LeeShanok can help your team understand and evaluate the continuum of solutions such that your solution choices provide the benefits you need at a budget you can afford.

Technical Questions? We Have Answers! We size up your technology needs and plans:

  • Should I host my own web server on-site?
  • Do I need my own Exchange Server?
  • Who can tell me how many servers I need, and the recommended function of each?
  • What determines how much processor power I’ll need?
  • When I expand, how much memory will my business apps need?
  • Where do I find staff that can support all of this?
  • Why do I keep banging my head against the technology curve when it moves faster than we can?
  • I’d like to use MS SharePoint, MS Office, and my custom software without having to monitor, balance loads, manage storage space and bandwidth, and these need to be accessible all the time.

LeeShanok can do the worrying for you !

LeeShanok has a dedicated and experienced staff of certified IT professionals, in addition to a data center in a physical vault with top notch security, protection, backup power, and redundancy all the way around 24 x 7 x 365!

  • Redundancy of every data center component and sub-system
  • Dual internet providers with fiber channels
  • Redundant gas-power generators
  • Powerful environmental HVAC (temperature, humidity, dust control)
  • 3 foot thick steel-reinforced concrete walls, floor and ceiling
  • Redundant UPS battery backups
  • Cisco UCS compute modules
  • Redundant Storage SAN
  • Nightly full backups
  • Guaranteed availability of 99.9%
  • VMware environment for server hosting
  • Cisco ASA firewall with FirePOWER IPS
  • Geo-fencing off of known risky geographies
  • Terminal server provided with each virtualized hosted server
  • All available firmware and software patches applied at no incremental cost
  • Coordination and linking to client’s other cloud environments
  • Permanent VPN tunnels between the hosted server and client’s physical sites
  • Support for VDI (virtual desktops)

Our data center is surrounded by secure concrete walls with pre-stressed reinforced steel, high-performance connections to the Internet, regular network security assessments, environmental control, and redundant Internet connectivity, power, and A/C to ensure reliability and uptime. Our team can provide you a professional and unique identity on the Internet that best reflects the image and reputation of your business.

Benefits of Hosting Your Servers With LeeShanok:

  • Budgeted Monthly service cost
  • No Capital Outlay
  • No Equipment Depreciation
  • Maintenance and support are included
  • Secure infrastructure

Key Business Benefits:

  • Financial costs reduced
  • Equipment needs eliminated
  • IT needs are managed by our team, not yours!
  • We handle your troubleshooting and problem resolution
  • We grow your systems as your needs scale up
  • We rapidly deploy new applications for you
  • No more tedious software upgrades, conversions, or planning downtime
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