Remote Desktop Connection

With Remote Desktop capability, your remote workforce can directly connect to their office workstations to allow running of apps on the office workstation with full access to domain resources like storage and hardcopy devices. Access your important documents and emails securely from your laptop or mobile handheld devices!

While some aspects of Remote Desktop connections are similar to Secure VPN Access connections, there are some important differences. With Secure VPN Access, your remote workforce can access shared storage locations using the locally run File Explorer app in Windows. But apps are run on the remote worker’s laptop or mobile device. Unlike Site-to-Site VPN connections, there isn’t a specific public IP address or pre-determined LAN that is granted access. Instead, individual users have credentials required to access the network, which they can use from any location and device. This is optimal for a mobile sales force and for travelling team members, as well as home office workers.

Remote Desktop requires a network access server (NAS) coupled with client software on the individual computers that are permitted to access the network. Basic functionality is supplied with most business operating systems, but we can help you establish this system with “best practice” security and ensure reliability making the connection.

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