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Cisco Video Conferencing & Telepresence

In the past, the idea of communicating face to face with others around the world has been far-fetched and costly. In the current business world, however, it is an undeniable reality. Cisco video conferencing technologically advances can now be integrated into offices of any business. So much of success relies on building solid relationships with individuals or companies that help yours to grow. This involves strong communication and trust which can be difficult to maintain when you’re facing long distances. Which is why there is an undeniable advantage to harnessing modern developments that reestablish traditional forms of interaction.

Within the Cisco Video Conferencing world, there are actually a variety of options available for your Phoenix based business. Cisco TelePresence IX5000, TX9000 Series, and TX1300 all offer high-quality, reliable solutions and create an immersive experience. If your office is working with limited bandwidth or limited space, TX1300 is a great option, which maintains the strict quality standard of Cisco at a lower total cost. The TX9000 Series has the advantage of connecting multiple video feeds from a variety of locations so several offices are able to interact seamlessly. The latest of the Cisco options is the IX5000. This system uses a state-of-the-art, three screen setup for an experience that is completely immersive. The installation of this revolutionary system reduces power use, install time, and bandwidth use by 50%. Any of these incredible programs will absolutely change the way you do business.

As a Cisco partner, LeeShanok has a comprehensive understanding of what product is best suited to each company and the proper method to install and train your team to use this technology.

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