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Video Conferencing & TelePresence

In the past, the idea of communicating face to face with others around the world has been far-fetched and costly. In the current business world, however, it is an undeniable reality and following the COVID-19 Pandemic with many workers now connecting from home offices, it’s become commonplace. Cisco video conferencing can now be integrated into offices of any business and integrate tightly with their Unified Communications solutions.

Business success depends on building solid relationships with individuals and companies that help yours to grow. This involves strong communication and trust which can be difficult to maintain when you’re facing long distances. Which is why there is an undeniable advantage to using today’s technology to virtually connect people, enabling traditional forms of interaction virtually.

Cisco’s Conferencing Solutions provide conferencing designed to rival in-person collaboration. And conferencing solutions for a boardroom look good, work well, and show the quality your team insists on.

TelePresence shows your availability to those connected to your Unified Communications environment, which updates based on your schedule and calendar. Others know if you’re at lunch, out of the office, on weekend, or working and available for them to reach you.

Cisco’s conferencing cameras work together with microphone arrays to identify the speaker in a conference room. When one person stops speaking and another starts, the camera will shift to the new speaker and zoom in, expanding them to the other side of the call’s display.

Video feeds from multiple locations are merged into one display in a conference room, allowing your local staff to interact with them seamlessly.

Cisco’s revolutionary system reduces power consumption and network bandwidth use by 50% over offerings by competitors. To discuss how this capability could change the way you do business, please contact LeeShanok’s team.

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