Cloud Hosting: Let LeeShanok Take Care of Your IT Needs!

While cloud computing has been around for a while now, let us show you how cloud hosting can make sense for your business. 

Traditionally a company domain was run on physical on-premise server hardware, which required substantial initial outlays of hardware, license, and labor costs. Over time licenses would expire, operating systems would pass the end of support, and eventually, the hardware could no longer be protected by support contracts. Replacing a physical server required similar initial outlays of hardware, license, and labor costs. Additionally, a physical server was vulnerable to natural disasters as well as heat, moisture, and electrical issues.

Cloud computing removes the requirement of physical server hardware in your facility and moves the services it provided into a data center of your cloud provider, often replicated across different data center locations for redundancy and guaranteed availability. Your virtualized server running in a cloud provider’s data center can be fully backed up and provides connectivity to any device with internet connectivity. Security can include many components in a traditional domain, such as firewalling, VPN access, remote desktop services, and multi-factor authentication.

Some cloud environments like Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS allow you to pay for usage so you pay more during periods of resource consumption and less during periods when your operations are idle. They also provide alternatives for constant uptime and availability, similar to an on-premise server.

Traditionally many firms ran an on-premise Exchange server to host their email services and accounts. These servers ran on server hardware that was vulnerable to hardware failure and operating systems that expired. We encourage our clients to consider the benefits of migrating their email to cloud-based Microsoft Exchange Online with Microsoft 365, or to Google’s G Suite with Gmail hosting. This also changes the expense model requiring large upfront hardware expenditures with periodic and often unexpected reactive expenses for upgrades and to resolve issues, and substitutes a subscription-based expense model with relatively small upfront expenses and very few unexpected expenses needed.

LeeShanok has built a substantial data center at our headquarters in Tucson, in which we host and manage virtualized servers for many Arizona based companies. Our cost structure is competitive and often lower than alternative providers, and LeeShanok’s team provides expert assistance with each stage of server migration, as well as ongoing maintenance of individual virtualized server environments. All elements of our data center were designed with redundancy and instant failover services, which has enabled us to provide 99.999% availability to our client firms since we went online.

Moving your servers into a cloud provider’s data center can eliminate the future risk of hardware failure, expenses of power and security, and expenses of environmental controls like the temperature of server rooms. Leave the management of your servers and on-premise resources to LeeShanok, so you and your team can focus on business operations.

Don’t waste your valuable time and energy on the stresses and expense of the many elements of on-premise IT. Dealing with support personnel, the IT infrastructure and physical space, environmental controls, and unexpected hardware expenses can be a thing of the past.

Welcome to the future!

LeeShanok has gathered a team of certified IT experts, well versed in the various software and systems, as well as a vault with security, backup power, protection, redundancy all the way around, all day, every day!

Our ADVANCED IT FLYER will provide a good overview.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce financial costs and upfront costs
  • Eliminate equipment needs
  • Eliminate unexpected equipment costs
  • Focus on your operations, not on reacting to technical issues
  • Connect remote branch offices with secure, always-up, VPN tunnels
  • Connect remote employees to your server desktop through RDP
  • Remote employees can access domain resources and storage through secure SSL VPN
  • We handle your problem resolution and troubleshooting
  • We grow your systems as your needs scale-up
  • Quickly deploy new applications
  • Eliminate the need for software upgrades, conversions, or downtime to plan for and explain them
Cloud Hosting