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Does your business depend on the speed of your technology and the productivity of the employees using the technology? Do you have a medium-size company with 50-1,000 employees? Have you considered IT management services, but thought that the cost outweighs the benefits? Are you concerned about large unexpected expenses for technology repairs?

Left unmonitored and without proper processes in place, your network and computers will inevitably fail. This will leave employees idle and impact your ability to do business costing you thousands due to the loss of productivity, revenue, or reputation. A ransomware infection can result in loss of valuable data, downtime of a company’s domain, interruption in remote connectivity, and failure to fulfill contractual obligations. Without valid backups, re-building company resources require time and large unexpected expenses. When user credentials are stolen, access to various cloud accounts can be offered for sale on the Dark Web.

LeeShanok Network solutions offers the best Managed IT Consulting Services Arizona has ever seen with carefully selected staff and proven best practices that deliver technical reliability and resilience.

Already have an IT support staff?
Just need to streamline and optimize the efficiency of your workflow?
What about managed support services?

LeeShanok Network Solutions is the IT department’s companion.

We bring a level of expertise that compliments your current IT team, enabling them to request support for Top Gun issues that exceed their expertise. We bring the expertise of optimizing businesses with server virtualization, virtual desktops, data center, voice over IP, video conferencing, storage area networks (SAN), IT security, and disaster recovery. A good rule of thumb is our Managed IT Plan provides you a full team of expertise at ¼ the cost of the dedicated resources needed to accomplish similar results.

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What will we DO?

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When we onboard a new client firm, we take the time to fully understand your infrastructure, technology budget, expectations, and your IT support needs to ensure that you can focus on your core business operations with confidence. Many of our clients are leaders in their industries, made more effective with collaborative strategic plans that exceed their competitors.

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IT Consulting can be an event to troubleshoot and fix an issue. This strategy has the shortfall of handling issues after they occur. We recommend our Managed IT Plan, where we continuously monitor and manage each device in your infrastructure and perform corrective actions before any problem impacts business operations. Your LeeShanok account manager will provide strategic guidance and planning, and your assigned engineer will get to know your team and technology as they deliver scheduled on-site services. Our HelpDesk team will deliver solutions to everyday issues without any increase in your expenses.

In addition to your technology, our team works with you to identify and satisfy your industries’ compliance requirements including IT Policies and Procedures and IT Security Training for your staff.

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We will continually monitor and fine-tune your IT solutions to facilitate your employees and technology to work together, and to streamline your technology processes that will enable smoother business operations.

LeeShanok Network Solutions is a team of professionals, educated and certified in the IT field, and each team member has a designated role and responsibilities, with a structured and proven support process to manage your technology.

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Managed IT Services we offer that can be combined for your specific business needs:

  • Remote workforce

  • Continuous monitoring
  • Virus & spyware protection
  • Remote data backup & recovery
  • Secured cloud hosting services
  • Proactive technology and network management
  • Technology summary of software and hardware
  • Compliance assistance

  • IT security training

  • Escalations
  • SWAT team
  • Remote help desk
  • Onsite support services
  • Implement new technology
  • Analyze performance trends
  • Monitor website response time
  • Identify and report critical security vulnerability

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