LeeShanok Network Solutions provides a comprehensive set of Managed Network Services for businesses in Phoenix and Tucson, AZ. We offer the latest in cloud storage options and secure, reliable web hosting. Managed Network Services is proactive monitoring, alerting and resolution for network issues before they even become a problem to your business! Interruption in any part of your business workflow affects employee productivity, and customer satisfaction! These two items means loss in money. This strategy provides superior IT management for your business! Since we have staffed offices in both Phoenix and Tucson, you have the reliability of interacting with real people locally, not answering machines and not faceless, nameless individuals overseas. In addition to monitoring and alerting services, LeeShanok Network Solutions raises the bar with Managed Network Services in providing automation of important network tasks to maintain network security and improve the efficiency of your business network. Automation of important network tasks such as antivirus updates and scans, and Windows security updates and patches, systematically performs these tasks that usually is performed manually by someone in your organization. LeeShanok Network Solutions provides superior IT services with professional network monitoring, alerting, and automation for many Phoenix & Tucson businesses.

IT Services

Manged Network Services for Phoenix & Tucson business

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Cisco Services help Phoenix & Tucson business connect

Site to Site Connectivity From Tucson, Arizona to New York, New York! Why limit business because of geography? With VPN technology, your geographically dispersed network can become one. Partner with your vendors, clients or collaborate with your colleagues with the power ... Read More.

Cisco Services help Phoenix & Tucson business stay secure remotely

Remote Connectivity Keep in touch with the office from anywhere! Access your important documents and emails securely from your laptop, or even your mobile phone! Or check your emails from any internet browser over a ... Read More.

Cisco Services help Phoenix & Tucson business with network security

Network Security We can help you maintain the integrity and continuity of network-based assets. We ensure that your network is secure from threats outside, and inside of ... Read More.

LeeShanok is your managed network services expert for secure wireless setup in Phoenix & Tucson

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LeeShanok prefers Cisco Phone Systems

Cisco Phone Systems We install, maintain and support CISCO voice systems. Generally recognized as the leader in Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP phones, Cisco systems. We can provide a cost-effective solution that integrates with your data network, providing you cost savings, added features, increased flexibility and productivity ... Read More.

Cisco Services help Phoenix & Tucson business with network security

Video Conference / Telepresence In the past, the idea of communicating face to face with others around the world has been far-fetched and costly. In the current business world, however, it is an ... Read More.