Network Design and Administration

Networks are complicated & diverse. Proper design and proactive oversight will allow the network to grow, ensure your cyber security, and continue to work efficiently for your business operations. Whether your company has in house technical support or not, you can benefit from our expert knowledge in the construction of your network and rely on the support of our team in monitoring your cyber security and maintaining your system throughout its life.

After discussing business requirements from your network we will inspect your existing infrastructure, including servers, storage, backups, network devices all the way to IP phones and endpoint workstations. This allows us to analyze and provide a comprehensive diagnosis of any existing issues along with an appropriate plan to resolve them.

If needed, we will design a network tailored to your business with wired, wireless and other network infrastructures. Not only will this be capable of supporting your current requirements, but will also be “future proofed” allowing expansions to your operations, locations, and remote workforce ebbs and flows, all the while protecting your firm’s ability to communicate, compute, compete, store, and rebound from unforeseen disasters, while equipping your staff to do their jobs repeatably and reliably.

We recommend best-in-class Next Generation Firewall technology to protect your network and information assets, while consistently monitoring it to guard against known and emerging threats and bad actors intending to breach your technology “castle”.

People looking at blueprints