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Network Design and Admin

Networks are complicated & diverse. Proper design and proactive oversight will allow the network to grow, ensure your cyber security, and continue to work efficiently for your Phoenix business. Whether your company has in house technical support or not, you can benefit from our expert knowledge in the construction of your network and rely on the support of our team in monitoring your cyber security and maintaining your system through its life.

After discussing what your business needs from your network we will inspect any system you have in place, including the network itself and the various work stations. This allows us to give a comprehensive diagnosis of any existing issues and an appropriate plan to resolve them.

With the information we gather from your existing network and your needs we will design a network tailored to your business with wired, wireless and other network infrastructures. Not only will this be capable of absorbing your current requirements but we intentionally design it to take on any increases your company reaches.

Once in place, we will install the best in firewall technology to protect your network and consistently monitor it remotely to guard against viruses and hacking attempts that inevitably come against any network.

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