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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems are replacing older landline technologies for business communications. Lower costs, greater functionality, and compatibility with newer technologies are all fueling VoIP adoption.
Making a decision on how to configure your VoIP system can be complicated. There are many different vendors and multiple ways equipment can be set up. LeeShanok designs, installs, maintains, and supports VoIP systems from several partners we carefully selected.

Cloud Hosted VoIP

This is typically the best solution for companies that need 15 or fewer phones. Pure cloud options have low initial setup fees and usually charge per IP phone and extension. Smaller companies that need fewer phones benefit the most from this model.

Hybrid VoIP

Companies that have between 15 and 50 employees should consider a hybrid VoIP solution. In this model, the VoIP server is hosted by the phone company with a small additional device at your site. This device provides call quality assurance and enables cellular failover in the event of an internet outage. The on-premises device is typically maintained by the phone vendor.

On-Premises VoIP

Larger companies that need more than 50 phones are generally best served by an on-premises VoIP solution. In this model, the VoIP server is housed onsite. This offers the most functionality and flexibility, but also comes with the highest upfront cost. In a VoIP system with 50+ phones however, the additional capabilities of on-premises infrastructure are often needed.

Benefits of VoIP

VoIP technology uses data sent over the internet to make and receive phone calls. This enables VoIP systems to offer greater functionality compared to traditional phone systems. For businesses with reliable Internet service, VoIP is typically the best option.

Greater Scalability

When hiring additional staff, adding additional VoIP lines is easy and inexpensive. Traditional phone lines require additional hardware and additional dedicated phone lines, making it more difficult and expensive to scale. With a VoIP system, employees can be added with just a few clicks in your VoIP admin center.


VoIP calls can be made from any phone, tablet or laptop. There’s no need to be tied to your desk to make or receive phone calls. VoIP also enables employees to use their separate work phone number on their personal devices.

Lower Costs

VoIP offers cheaper domestic and international calling than traditional phone systems. Maintenance and repair costs are typically less expensive as well.

Additional Features

VoIP systems can include conference calling, voicemail-to-email, virtual receptionists, call forwarding, and more. Exact features will vary between providers, but most offer these features for no additional fee.

Which Solution is Right for Me?

LeeShanok has the experience and expertise to recommend the best VoIP solution for your Phoenix business. The models described above are general guidelines we’ve recognized from years of conducting VoIP migrations. Schedule a complimentary LeeShanok VoIP Consultation to discuss which VoIP solution is the right fit for you.

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