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Reliable Property Wide Wi-Fi in Tucson

Property Wide Wi-Fi Coverage for Tucson Businesses

Complete Wi-Fi coverage is essential for business connectivity. It can be challenging to provide this coverage when you have a large site or multiple buildings. LeeShanok specializes in designing property-wide Wi-Fi for Tucson Businesses. We keep everyone connected across your campus!

Traditional Wireless Routers

This is the most reliable method of covering your site with Wi-Fi. But it requires proper planning. A series of wireless routers connected via ethernet cables requires professional design. Without planning for distance and obstacles, signal strength will vary within the building. This results in dead zones throughout your site.

Point-to-Point Wireless

This is a great solution for connecting multiple buildings wirelessly. A transmitter is installed on the source building, and a receiver is installed on the target building. Point-to-point is substantially less expensive than installing underground cable between the buildings. If there are clear lines of site between buildings, point-to-point is a good option.

Mesh Wi-Fi

A mesh network is a good solution for buildings where traditional wireless networking is not possible. Instead of central routers connected with ethernet cables, mesh Wi-Fi uses multiple nodes that blanket the entire site with Wi-Fi. The major drawback to mesh Wi-Fi is the potential for drops in speed.

Property Wide Wifi Tucson

Wi-Fi Security

Connectivity is not the only concern for wireless networks. Securing Wi-Fi networks is important, because they are common attack targets. Our best practices include:

  • Separating staff and guest Wi-Fi
  • Using a RADIUS server to password protect staff Wi-Fi. This allows employees to connect to the Wi-Fi using their domain username and password
  • Password protecting guest Wi-Fi
  • Regularly updating wireless router firmware. 
  • Separating devices into unique VLANs

Property Wide Wi-Fi
Tucson Multi-Family Housing

Residential property management is a key industry for LeeShanok. We understand residents expect reliable internet connectivity wherever they are on your property. We contract with the largest property management companies in the state and can recommend Wi-Fi solutions to any property manager or owner.

Property Wide Wi-Fi
Tucson Active Adult Living

LeeShanok serves HOAs at the largest 55-and-better communities in Arizona. Common areas are spread out, and residents don’t always have the technical skills to safely use community Wi-Fi. We’re the IT company of record for the HOAs of the largest communities in the state. We would be honored to help you improve the resident experience.

LeeShanok Improves Wireless Connectivity

If Internet speeds at your business are slower in some areas than others, contact us for a complimentary network assessment. We’ll show you how to fix Wi-Fi dead zones and improve sitewide Wi-Fi connectivity. We also consult on Wi-Fi design for new construction projects.

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