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Dark Web Monitoring by Cybersecurity Experts

24/7 Dark Web Monitoring

Stolen usernames and passwords are listed for sale daily on the dark web. Dark web monitoring from LeeShanok constantly scans these illegal marketplaces for instances where your company’s credentials are posted for sale.
Whenever company usernames and passwords are listed for sale, you are alerted immediately that the credentials have been compromised. Once you’ve been alerted, you can have the affected employee(s) change their passwords immediately before any damage can be done.
This service covers every employee. Anyone who uses an @[yourcompany.com] email address is protected with LeeShanok’s Dark Web Monitoring service.


Dark Web sample report

Free Dark Web Scan

LeeShanok offers a complimentary dark web scan for Arizona companies. This scan provides a snapshot of your whole company’s compromised credentials, or check to see if a single email address has been compromised.
Scan results are partially obscured to maintain security, but enough is left unobscured for you, or your employees, to identify which email addresses and passwords need to be changed.
Dark Web Scan Eligibility

Complimentary Dark Web Scans are available to Arizona Businesses with 25 – 500 employees.


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