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Mobile Device Management Tucson

Mobile Device Management Tucson

Local Mobile Device Management in Tucson

Employees regularly use their own mobile devices for work in a practice known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). This means company data can leak onto personal devices, creating a security risk. Mobile Device Management (MDM) protects this information on mobile devices.
LeeShanok’s approach balances security with employee privacy. MDM solutions are configured on a case-by-case basis to give the appropriate level of security while leaving unnecessary features disabled for privacy protection.

How Mobile Device Management Works

MDM works across devices, regardless of manufacturer or operating system. Policies can be enforced whether the company or employee owns the device.

At LeeShanok, we meet to determine which software and policies make sense, implement them, and then monitor. When devices are out of compliance, they can be prevented from accessing the network, all with the goal of securing company data regardless of which devices it is accessed on.

MDM Features Typically Include:

  • Passcode enforcement
  • Device compliance requirements (for example, no jailbroken iPhones)
  • Device tracking and inventory
  • Remote wipe of lost, stolen, or retired devices
  • App blacklisting and whitelisting

Endpoint Management in Tucson

Mobile Device Management is a subset of endpoint management. Endpoints are devices at the end of a network. The most common endpoints are end-user devices like desktop PCs, laptops, smartphones, or tablets, but can also include others like servers and IoT devices.
LeeShanok incorporates MDM as part of a broader endpoint management strategy. This strategy sets security rules and monitors all endpoints for breaches, thereby closing security gaps and protecting sensitive data.
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