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Discover Next Generation Firewalls

Installing Next Generation Firewalls

What Are Next Generation Firewalls?

All firewalls protect your network, but Next-Gen Firewalls (NGFWs) take this a step further. NGFWs offer deeper protection across more of your tech. As a result, they make your business more adaptable to new threats.

NGFWs are also called 3rd generation firewalls. They have a deeper feature set including:

  • Application level inspection
  • Built-in intrusion prevention
  • Content filtering
  • Automatic updates based on threat intelligence feeds

Benefits of Next Generation Firewalls

Today’s security landscape means Next-Gen firewalls are no longer optional. NGFWs offer improved security and financial savings. Benefits include:

  • Better security
    • Automatic updates to spot new threats
    • Application-level security
    • IPS, content filtering, and more features built-in
  • Long-term cost savings by consolidating security products
  • Time & cost savings through single portal management
  • Compliance with cybersecurity standards
Cisco Meraki Next Generation Firewall

Traditional Firewalls VS. Next Generation Firewalls

Traditional firewalls, sometimes known as first- gen firewalls, can’t fully protect your network. In short, this means you need a NGFW to protect your company in today’s security climate.


  • Basic packet filtering that permits or denies traffic
  • Stateful multilayer traffic inspection that monitors session states
  • Network Address Translation to hide internal IP addresses
  • Virtual Private Network for secure remote access


Include all traditional firewall features plus:

  • Application-level (level 7) protection
  • Content filtering
  • Identity based authentication
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems that identify attack signatures and malicious behavior
  • Continual updates based on new threat data

Our Favorite Solution

Cisco’s line of Meraki firewalls combine top-tier protection with simple remote management. Meraki’s capabilities include:

  • Individual user/device management
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Content Filtering
  • Seamless integration with other Meraki devices

We’ve found the Meraki line to be very reliable and easy to use. As a result, we find Meraki devices cut down ticket times and total costs. Contact us to see which NGFW is right for you.

Cisco Meraki Next Generation Firewall Stack
Ready to Upgrade to a Next Generation Firewall?

But not sure where to start? Contact LeeShanok for the best next-gen options for your network.

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