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Comprehensive Web Content Filtering

Web Content Filtering

Keep Employees Safe Online With Web Content Filtering

Web content filtering protects your company by restricting access to dangerous and inappropriate online content. Without web content filtering, your company is exposed to risks. For example:
  • Malicious websites can deliver malware to your network
  • Websites that host pirated software can include unsafe downloads
  • Allowing access to adult content may create a hostile work environment
  • Allowing access to violent or hateful content creates an unsafe work environment and reflects poorly on the company
  • Blocking distracting sites like social media, streaming video, and gaming sites is also possible if productivity is suffering
Web content filtering makes sure the content accessed on your network is safe for work. Knowing how to configure the filter can be challenging. Too restrictive and employees will have difficulty accessing legitimate websites. Too loose and unsafe content will make it past the filter. LeeShanok understands the right amount of content filtering is different for every company. We recommend the best content filtering strategy for your situation.

How Does Web Content Filtering Work?

Web content filtering is included in leading next generation firewalls, but is also available as standalone hardware or software solutions. 

Generally, web content filtering works by identifying keywords and phrases, objects in images, and other strings of data consistent with undesirable content. The filter blocks access when this content is identified.

The best solutions also use DNS filtering, which is a method of filtering based on a website’s IP address. Every website has a unique IP address. The filter knows the IP addresses of risky and inappropriate websites, so it’s able to block those websites from being accessed on your network. This method also allows administrators to create a custom blocklist of websites that cannot be accessed, or whitelist websites that are mistakenly blocked.

Other Types of Content Filtering

Web content filtering is usually bundled in with other content filtering solutions like email content filtering and executable file filtering. Email content filtering scans incoming emails and attachments to make sure they are safe. Executable file filtering scans .exe files to make sure they are safe before they can be run on a user’s computer.

Content filtering is available at different points on your network. Most commonly it’s included with your firewall, but it is also available on endpoints or delivered via the cloud. LeeShanok can help you choose the best content filtering solution for your business.

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