IT Security

Advanced Malware Protection With Retrospection

Whether the traffic is deemed malicious or harmless, the AMP solution will still track every single thing that comes into the system from a wide array of attack vectors, including the network, the endpoint, virtual, and mobile.

Combating Cybercrime on a SMBs Budget

When hackers breach the security of corporations it makes headlines, yet there is rarely a mention when cybercrime hits small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Very few people are even aware that today’s cybercriminals are targeting SMBs, not just supersized global businesses.

Network Security Firewalls

Today’s workplace has changed — workers are mobile and working from home, want around-the-clock access to networks from various devices used in different locations, both local and abroad. This evolution has changed the way businesses need to think about and administer network security firewalls and the security they provide.

Next Generation Firewalls

Before looking at the Cisco Firewalls solution, it is important to understand the characteristics of a Next Generation firewall (NGFW).

Understanding the Attack Continuum

Arizona businesses can no longer just invest in IT security that blocks threats, like firewalls and internet security, but must prepare for the entire attack continuum in expectation of a security break. Cisco has been addressing this for more than 6 years now, see their white paper on Addressing the Full Attack Continuum.

What is Information Technology Security

Security is not merely a product or service. It’s a multi-layered process consisting of hardware, software, people, processes, and policies. When designed with layers like an onion and professionally managed over time with software and firmware updates and round the clock monitoring and responding to threats, this security model provides strong protection that adapts to newly discovered threats and vulnerabilities.