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Sick of Passwords? We Are Too!

Cybersecurity Resolutions for 2023!
Welcome to 2023! As we all reflect on goals and resolutions for the new year, don’t forget to make security […]
TikTok a National Security Threat?
FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr recently called for a US ban on the social media app TikTok. The proposal is based […]
City of Tucson Breached
The City of Tucson recently disclosed a data breach that occurred on May 29th, 2022. Over 123K people were affected […]

Past Articles

Janet Jackson Hacking Laptops?! 

Janet Jackson Hacking Laptops?! We can never be sure where the next hack will come from! Janet Jackson’s 1989 hit […]

Passwords Passwords Passwords

Passwords Passwords Passwords Do not repeat your passwords. We repeat: do not repeat your passwords! A recent wave of credential […]

Who’s Securing Your Security?

What happens when the security tools you rely on are breached? Password manager LastPass recently reported theft of internal source […]

Browser Extension Threats

North Korean hackers were recently found stealing emails using malicious browser extensions. This story is the perfect excuse to remind […]

Android Malware Forcing Paid Subscriptions

Is your phone stealing from you? New Android malware has been discovered that signs users up for paid subscriptions and […]

Protect your Technology From the Monsoon Season

Our brutal Arizona summer is here! And with it, our annual reminder to protect your tech from extreme weather. June is […]

New Microsoft Office Zero Day Exploit

Cybersecurity news sites are reporting a newly discovered attack using Microsoft Word documents. The “Follina” security flaw can infect users […]

Password Recommendations Have Changed

In 2020 and 2021, The National Institute for Standards in Technology (NIST) released updated guidance for passwords. Some of these […]

Windows 11: Proceed as Needed

When Windows 11 launched to the public, we recommended businesses delay the upgrade. Now, seven months after release, most compatibility […]

Microsoft 365 License Changes

Microsoft is making some changes to how Microsoft 365 licenses are managed. Starting June 30th, Microsoft will require a minimum […]

3G Shutdown By End of Year

Telecom companies are phasing out 3G networks to shift focus to the newer 5G networks. AT&T has already shutdown their […]

Safer Alternatives to Email 

Email is incredibly convenient, but it’s also highly targeted by hackers. According to Help Net Security, 83% of organizations experienced […]

Ukraine Conflict: Cybersecurity Protections

The conflict in Ukraine is increasing the threat of Russian cyberattacks against American businesses. The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency […]

LeeShanok IT News – Fake Windows 11 Upgrade Malware

A new attack disguised as a Windows 11 upgrade is currently infecting systems worldwide. These attacks result in the installation […]

Google Drive Warning About Suspicious Files

You may start seeing a new warning on files you open in Google Drive. When you click the link to […]

Hackers Mailing Bad USB Drives

According to a new FBI warning, cyber criminals are mailing USB drives capable of installing malware onto business networks. These […]

LeeShanok IT News IT Resolutions for 2022!

The new year is just around the corner! As the calendar turns, it’s a great time to reflect on what […]

LeeShanok IT News – Major Vulnerability – Log4j Exploit

  Last week, a significant cybersecurity vulnerability was identified dubbed Log4j or Log4Shell. The vulnerability allows hackers to remotely control a […]

IT Security 101A Webinar, $100 Amazon Raffle

There are many risks that target common workers and the devices we use each day. According to Malwarebytes, employees are […]

LeeShanok IT News: 2021 Projects & Invoices

The new year is approaching, and we are running out of time for projects, equipment purchases, and related invoicing in […]

LeeShanok IT News: Comcast Xfinity Outage Today

Comcast Xfinity customers in multiple US states have experienced interruptions in their services today. This includes many of LeeShanok’s clients […]

LeeShanok IT News: Delay Windows 11 Upgrade

In early October, Microsoft released the Windows 11 operating system. Some changes include an updated interface, integration with Android apps, […]

LeeShanok IT News: Update Apple iOS and Mac OS

Users of Apple phones, tablets, computers & watches need to take action to prevent vulnerabilities when opening PDF files and […]

Update Microsoft Office Apps

Windows Update usually defaults to NOT receive updates for other Microsoft products, meaning that your Microsoft Office apps may become seriously […]

Protect Adobe Acrobat & Reader

PDF files have become industry standard for sharing documents using email attachments. Similar to Microsoft Office files, PDF files may […]

LeeShanok IT News: Windows 11 Phishing Schemes

Scammers often piggyback phishing campaigns on top of major announcements that interest large groups of people. The up-coming Windows 11 […]

LeeShanok IT News: Business Email Compromise

With traditional email phishing campaigns, one of the best ways to recognize and delete such messages is whether you know […]

LeeShanok IT News: IT Security Webinars Fall 2021

So your firm has layered security in place to protect against common threats to your network, domain, storage and end-user […]

LeeShanok IT News: Phishing Emails Include Phone Numbers

A new type of email phishing campaign is easily passing through firewalls and spam filters by avoiding the usual links […]

LeeShanok IT News: Watch for Phishing Red Flags

Phishing email messages remain the #1 method for hacking groups to deliver ransomware to targeted companies. Phishing campaigns have become […]

LeeShanok IT News: NEW IT Security Webinar Aug 11

Extending the breadth of our IT Security Awareness training portfolio, we have authored a brand-new workshop to help your employees […]

LeeShanok IT News: Power Cycle Phones & Computers

It’s surprising how many people leave their mobile phones and computers running for months or even years without ever power […]

LeeShanok IT News: Install Microsoft Patches

On July 13, Microsoft released a large set of system updates and patches to all versions of Windows, including Windows […]

LeeShanok IT News: Replace Aging Devices & Software

Every year, specific hardware devices and software versions reach End of Sale or End of Support (EOS) dates, and 2021 […]

LeeShanok IT News: Monsoon Season 2021

After last summer’s excessive heat & lack of rain, this summer’s Monsoon season may seem low priority. But these storms […]

LeeShanok IT News: IT Security Webinars – Summer 2021

Ransomware attacks are on the rise that target infrastructure, supply chain, and public transportation providers to extract $ from companies […]

LeeShanok IT News – Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices are everywhere these days. Employees use personal and company phones & laptops in the office and away, connecting […]

LeeShanok IT News: Microsoft 365 Outage Resolved

Tuesday afternoon (May 11), Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) experienced outages throughout Arizona and much of the world. When that […]

LeeShanok IT News: Update Software in Cisco Devices

Cisco has released security updates for more than 20 of its products. Many of these updates are deemed critical. An […]

LeeShanok IT News: Pwned Email Addresses

Email phishing continues and a recent attack uses the Emotet botnet to capture a user’s email credentials, but only if […]

LeeShanok IT News: Update Firmware in Network Devices

Network devices like firewalls, routers and switches contain firmware, that includes an operating system and configurations that need to be […]

LeeShanok IT News: Security Updates Required for Exchange Servers

Yesterday, Microsoft reported on a Chinese group launching attacks against on-premise Exchange Servers in the United States. These attacks gain […]

Update Firmware in Home Routers

Periodically, vulnerabilities are discovered that affect many makes/models of home based internet devices. In home internet installations, this is typically […]

LeeShanok IT News: Saved Passwords in Web Browsers

We’ve all had our web browsers (Chrome, Firefox) ask if we want to save our password for a website account. […]

LeeShanok IT News: Website URL Scanning

Phishing and spam emails can use 2 methods to infect your computer, infected attachments, and URL links to malicious websites. […]

Virtual Trade Show Invitation

The AZ Tech Council hosts their annual “Tech & Business Expo”, a trade show normally at Tucson Convention Center that […]

Microsoft Exchange 2010 End of Life

Microsoft Exchange 2010 is reaching End of Support on October 13, 2020, the final step in the software’s life cycle. […]

LeeShanok IT News: Microsoft 365 Conditional Access

Access to your company domain and data stores may be controlled by sophisticated next-generation firewalls and access policies. But what […]

LeeShanok IT News: Netgear Routers Vulnerable

Netgear has long owned the home Wifi Router market, and it’s likely many of our readers have a Netgear device […]

LeeShanok IT News: Email from Fake Senders

Want to learn more about Email from Fake Senders? First, watch this short video on the Anatomy of an Attack […]
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