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Unlock Your Business Potential With Top-Notch Managed IT Services In Phoenix: Boost Efficiency, Security, And Reliability Today!

Unlock Your Business Potential With Top-Notch Managed IT Services In Phoenix: Boost Efficiency, Security, And Reliability Today!

When LeeShanok states we have the most reliable, go-to managed IT services Phoenix offers, we point to our usage of Cisco Meraki as one of the primary reasons.

Cisco Meraki offers a product line, including a Next Generation Firewall (and much more), that delivers enterprise-level solutions at prices small businesses can afford. The benefits of tools like Cisco Meraki are two-pronged: 

  1. Smaller companies aiming to broaden their scale have an affordable tool to streamline growth. 
  1. Alternatively, bigger organizations looking for more budget-friendly solutions have a cost-efficient product to support their many technological moving parts.

Specifically, Cisco Meraki is reliable and straightforward for users. The learning curve isn’t steep, and its cloud-powered technology can support the bulk of a company’s IT infrastructure with one click.

That said, our Cisco Meraki partnership is only one way that LeeShanok–the best managed IT Phoenix offers–can unlock your business potential. Below, we’ll delve further into everything we can do for organizations throughout Phoenix.

Technology is the Lifeblood of Modern Businesses.

Like humans need oxygen to breathe, businesses need technology to function. 

Hop into your time machine and take a trip to forty years ago, and maybe the above notion wasn’t the case. 

Yet, as we’ve entered the digital age, companies need IT for almost all facets, from communications and advertising to sales and distribution. Even traditional brick-and-mortar locations rely on IT for eCommerce stores, social media campaigns, customer service emails, point-of-sales tech, etc.

Long gone are the days of the mom-and-pop shop where the cash register was the closest thing to “tech” they had.

Instead, technology today reigns supreme in even the most bare-bones operation.

After all, there’s a technological solution for almost any situation. Regardless of your scope or scale, there’s a stack of tools to fit your budget and support your long-term growth plan. 

The Caveat of Technology

With technology as your guiding and stabilizing force (combined with industry know-how and business savvy), the world is your oyster. You can perform tasks in mere seconds that would otherwise take hours (if not days). A lone solopreneur can connect with a worldwide consumer base from the comfort of their basement office (or a local cafe).

It’s then worth noting how these digitized tools that supercharge businesses can also be agents of absolute chaos. 

For instance, extended downtimes due to technological snafus and outages can mean five, six, or seven figures down the drain. Or, when disasters like cybersecurity breaches occur, technology can even be an instrument of a company’s demise (in extreme circumstances, of course).

So, what can businesses do to harness the many benefits of their IT infrastructure without falling victim to the many potential pitfalls?

In the broadest of terms, proactivity will be your guiding force in helping your business maximize its tech investment.

Proactivity vs. Reactivity

Since tech has become integral to our lives, many businesses are content to allow such infrastructures to run unsupervised. This mistake is understandable since tech is ubiquitous and presents the illusion of running without human intervention.

Plus, all is well for many companies if they can save important files, store crucial data, run campaigns, communicate, etc., through their IT infrastructure.

When issues that lead to downtime arise, many companies often try to DIY an on-the-fly solution or call an external IT help team. Either way, who knows when the problem will be solved? Moreover, what will stop the incident from happening again? Think about the potential sales lost, the productivity halted, and the general slowing down of your progress that such issues cause.

Here’s another consideration: These issues don’t always arise at the most convenient times. You could experience a network outage at a crucial point in your organization’s development. 

You might be amid a game-changing project that goes kaput or a deal in the making that never gets made. Unfortunately, the business landscape can be unforgiving. Opportunities don’t always wait around as companies scramble to get back up and running.

Say the issues stem from cybersecurity breaches–time is never more of the essence than in this scenario. Companies that react to these incidents (instead of having a proactive plan) end up chasing their tails. From there, who knows what the eventual losses can be?

The moral of the story? IT infrastructures shouldn’t be implemented and then left to function independently. They should be managed, monitored, and continually tweaked to bolster organizational efficiency. 

A proactive approach to technology is required to reduce downtime and increase productivity, velocity, and agility to help companies thrive like never before. 

Does Placing Too Much Focus On Your IT Infrastructure Distract From Your Core Business Functions?

Does Placing Too Much Focus On Your IT Infrastructure Distract From Your Core Business Functions?

Large organizations and small businesses have a similar problem regarding tech. Internally, they must allocate the appropriate time, energy, and resources toward their IT infrastructure.

We’ll use an analogy of a professional sketch artist. 

Having the right pencil would be vital to the artist’s success. So–let’s say our hypothetical sketcher had to spend all their time handcrafting the perfect pencil and spending hours every week sourcing the best lead. What time would our artist friend have time to draw his or her pictures?

Your business is much the same. Yes–technology ensures optimal functionality throughout every department (like a pencil does for a sketch artist). Yet, losing sight of your core competencies is alarmingly possible if you put too much internal focus into technology and not the work itself. Your core company competencies are the things it does to make it unique and stand out from the competition. Without them, your vision becomes a distant memory.

Company leaders and personnel need to have their eyes on the prize. Technology should only provide a reliable foundation for heightened efficiency and lasting success.

How can your organization balance a proactive approach to IT infrastructure without letting it distract from what’s most integral?

While some companies hire in-house IT teams, this solution doesn’t often make budgetary sense. Or, they’d rather use in-house IT talent for more big-picture purposes. 

As such, many companies hire companies like LeeShanok: the #1 managed IT services Phoenix has to offer.

LeeShanok Managed IT Phoenix: Unlocking Your Business’s Full Potential.

Unlocking your business’s full potential means taking every related facet and maximizing its value. It means taking a cent and turning it into six or seven figures. It means not allowing limited resources to stop you from bringing big ideas to life.

Whether you’re the CEO of McDonald’s or the founder of an early-stage startup on a shoestring budget, unlocking massive potential stems from turning “a little bit” into “a lot.”

Our minds immediately veer to our cloud services in our Managed IT bundle when discussing the above points.   

Cloud-powered tools (like Cisco Meraki) allow small and medium-sized companies to expand in scale without breaking the bank. LeeShanok recommends appropriate solutions based on your company’s needs to deliver (and exceed) the desired results. 

The cloud gives your company freedom of movement. All related tools and solutions provide your company agility and maneuverability. Available features enable your company to operate with the quickness and authority that keeps you ahead of your competitors.

Most importantly, in partnering with LeeShanok Managed IT Services Phoenix, you can rely on the cloud always being there for you. You benefit from optimal functionality and flexible business scaling without the drawbacks of downtime and outages. We handle the nitty gritty technical details while you use the tools to unlock your business’s full potential.

Manage a Thousand Devices from One Place

One of the primary reasons modern small and medium-sized businesses can expand so prolifically is the ability to operate via remote means in the digital space.

You could run your company out of an apartment in Scottsdale and have a presence and representation in Bangkok or Australia without stretching your budget. However, as your organization expands, so does the number of devices in its network. With more devices comes more security risks.

LeeShanok implements tools like Cisco Meraki into our clients’ IT infrastructures to protect and manage thousands of devices in one network. 

In the past, small and medium-sized business leaders had to individually manage all network devices, endpoints, firewalls, and security. 

Now, modern tools like Cisco Meraki enable you to manage these network components seamlessly from a singular Cloud-based interface. Handling these seemingly endless moving parts calls for a single click over the internet. 

Furthermore, we always have our eyes on your cybersecurity as the top provider of managed IT Phoenix offers. 

We’re constantly monitoring, testing, and exploring for vulnerabilities while seeking ways to enhance performance that fit with your business model. Our talented team catches minor discrepancies and eradicates them before they grow into threats.

LeeShanok’s managed IT services also include cybersecurity training for your employees to protect against ransomware, phishing attempts, and other cyber threats. 

Your success is our success at LeeShanok. We’ll leave no stone unturned in helping your Phoenix-based organization unlock its full potential. 

Contact LeeShanok today to learn more about our managed IT services. 

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