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Hey Can I Plug in My Phone?

Never plug something into your computer that you don’t trust. Even charging cables can be dangerous! Hackers are using seemingly harmless USB cables that conceal hidden hacking devices. The software can infiltrate your devices, compromise your data, or even grant unauthorized access.

There’s no way to tell the difference between a safe USB and a hacked one. Test yourself with this photo – which is the hacked cable?

Malicious USB Cable Test

The answer’s number 3. How do we know? The company that took these photos marked it with a small black dot. If there’s no way to tell a good cable from a hacked cable, how are you supposed to stay safe?

What Should You Do?

  1. Only Purchase from Trusted Sources: Be cautious when buying USB cables and always purchase from reputable vendors.
  2. Use Your Own Cables: Whenever possible, use USB cables that you own rather than using cables provided by others, especially in public spaces.
  3. Use a USB Data Blocker: Data blockers prevent the transfer of data over a cable while still allowing electricity to flow so your device charges.
  4. Don’t Use Your PC to Charge: Use a wall charger instead.
  5. Don’t Allow Strangers to Charge From Your Device: If you don’t know where the cable has been, don’t plug it in!

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