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Boost Network Performance with a Tucson Network Assessment

Tucson Network Assessment

Tucson Network Assessments Increase ROI

Network assessments identify where your network can be improved. A LeeShanok network assessment answers questions like:

  • Why is my connection so slow?
  • Why do I keep receiving error messages?
  • Is my network vulnerable to cyber attacks?
  • Does my network have the capacity to support more traffic?

When Should I Get a Network Assessment?

Before A Major IT Project

Before undertaking a significant IT investment, it’s a good idea to have a third party examine your network to confirm the proposed upgrades will work as intended with the rest of your network.

Personnel Changes

Network assessments help with the transition between network administrators. IT managers vary in the level of documentation they leave for their successors. Without good documentation, it can be hard for new IT staff to confidently understand what infrastructure is in place. LeeShanok produces thorough documentation to assist in the transition.

Annual Health Checks

Regular check ups are important, especially for businesses without a Managed IT Service Provider regularly monitoring the network. An annual assessment will check the health of your network devices to ensure they are functioning properly. It also alerts you when systems are near their end of life, so you can prevent costly hardware failure.

Our Process

LeeShanok works with you in our four-step network assessment process. Our findings and recommendations are presented clearly so IT and non-IT staff alike have a clear picture of the current status of the network.


Discuss current network design, current challenges, and review existing documentation.


Review the current technology and policies in place. Create a network diagram if needed.


Test the network to identify problem areas including network bottlenecks, security vulnerabilities, and capacity limitations.


Present a detailed report with suggested steps to solve these issues.

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