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Exceptional Managed IT Services in Tucson

Managed IT Services Tucson

Your Tucson Managed IT Service Experts

You need technology to support your operations. But managing that technology can be complicated. Even worse, hackers are working 24/7 to steal from businesses of all sizes. Leave your tech to the experts! As a Managed IT provider, LeeShanok has been designing, installing, and maintaining business technology since 1997. We offer Managed IT Services in Tucson and across Southern Arizona!

Our Tucson Managed IT Services Include

Network Administration

Networks need to be reliable and secure. Whether your tech is on-premises or in the cloud, LeeShanok designs, manages, and monitors networks to ensure peak performance.

Device Maintenance

Proactive maintenance of your technology keeps it running smoothly. We maintain servers, firewalls, and other devices to reduce costly outages.

Support Desk

Our friendly, expert support team resolves problems quickly and efficiently. Our average customer satisfaction score is 4.93/5!

Cloud Services

The cloud enables businesses to scale affordably. LeeShanok recommends and manages cloud solutions that meet your needs and your budget.

Business Communications

VoIP and videoconferencing are the new telecommunications standards. LeeShanok recommends, installs, and manages licenses and systems that keep you connected.


LeeShanok bakes security into everything we do. From devices to software to staff training, LeeShanok is committed to protecting your business against cyber attacks.

Benefits of Managed IT

Managed IT Services deliver better IT performance at a lower long term cost.

Focus on Your Business

Spend more time and energy on what your business does best.

Supplement IT Staff

Add capacity and fill IT skill gaps at a fraction of the cost of hiring more staff.

Control IT Costs

Regular monthly billing with no surprises.

Better than Break-Fix

Switch from unpredictable and costly break-fix to proactively maintained tech.

Dedicated Team

Your team of IT Pros can handle everything from high level IT strategy to password resets.

Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing your technology is being managed by experts.

The Roadmap to Better Managed IT


Before onboarding, we take the time to fully understand your technology, budget, expectations, and support needs.  Our goal is to enable you to focus more on adding value to your business. Managed IT is a partnership. Before we draft a Managed Services Agreement, we spend a lot of time making sure we’re a good fit with your company.


We work with you to develop a plan to get the most out of your technology. Business tech shouldn’t just support you today, it should support your growth long into the future. Your LeeShanok account manager will provide strategic guidance, and your assigned engineer will work with you to execute that strategy. 


Our team uses a proven support process to manage your technology. We continually monitor and fine-tune your IT solutions to keep your employees and technology working together. Your account manager, on-site technician, and our helpdesk support team will all learn your environment and keep it running effectively, efficiently, and securely.

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