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City of Tucson Breached

The City of Tucson recently disclosed a data breach that occurred on May 29th, 2022. Over 123K people were affected – primarily city employees and those who do business with the city. The compromised data includes names, social security numbers, and more. The good news: there is no indication that the data is being used maliciously. Still, the city has alerted affected individuals and is providing 12 months of credit monitoring services. Close-to-home breaches remind usto protect our organizations’ data!

Protecting Employee, Customer, and Partner Data

It’s easy to forget how sensitive data can be. You’re expected (and sometimes required) to protect data about employees, customers, vendors and more. Here’s how to reduce your risk of a breach:

1. Segment Data to Limit Breach’s Scope – Keep data separated and utilize Least Privileged Access so successful breaches can be contained.
2. Keep your Firewall up to date  – Make sure your Next Generation Firewall has an active IDS/IPS System to keep intruders out.
3. Educate Employees – The fact is, most breaches are the result of human error. Education is the best defense. Make sure employees recognize phishing, social engineering, and other common attacks.
We’re Feeling SASE!
Speaking of education, IT pros need it too! Join us for our next lunch and learn What is SASE? Beyond the Buzzword. Businesses of all sizes are adopting this security architecture. Join us for a deep dive of the theories and tech behind SASE. 

Attendees Receive a $20 Grubhub Gift Card to enjoy lunch after the presentation!

Date: Thurs. November 3rd

Time: 11am – 12pm

Location: Virtual Webinar

Topics Covered:

  • SASE Basics
  • Components of SASE
  • Pros & Cons
  • SASE Use Cases

& Much More!

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