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LeeShanok IT News: Comcast Xfinity Outage Today

Comcast Xfinity customers in multiple US states have experienced interruptions in their services today. This includes many of LeeShanok’s clients throughout Arizona who have had trouble connecting to internet, phone, and TV services. Comcast has been working on resolving the issues starting around midnight, but another outage wave hit around 8:00 AM this morning. The time based outage chart shows the number of support requests received by their Arizona customers today. At 2:00 PM today, it appears that their services are coming back online, but this is spotty at best.

Issues with internet and phone services can interrupt your business operations as well as delay communications with partners, suppliers and customers.

In the short term, here are several workarounds

  • Unplug power from your internet modem, wait 30 seconds, then plug power back in
  • Host an internet hotspot in your mobile phone which connects through 4G/5G
  • If you have cloud-based VoIP service, use the soft phone app in your mobile device
  • Run Outlook mail client app on your computer and send emails, knowing they will queue up in your local client and will be sent once your internet service is restored
  • Follow the latest updates from Xfinity’s Status Center (https://www.xfinity.com/support/status)
  • Submit a ticket to Xfinity so they know you’re down

Whenever you experience connection issues with your internet or phone, it’s a good idea to contact the provider and rule out issues with their service. If they are having issues, you’ll know that it’s not your network infrastructure. If not, then contact your IT service provider or LeeShanok’s team for help troubleshooting your infrastructure.

LeeShanok’s clients can submit support tickets in several ways

  1. Send email requesting support ticket to:  itrequest@leeshanok.com
  2. Call our main phone numbers:  Phoenix 602-277-5757,   Tucson 520-888-9122
  3. Log in to your Client Portal: https://ww5.autotask.net/clientportal/Login.aspx?ci=12595&accountid=29684487

Your technology Partner,

The LeeShanok Team

Phoenix: 602-277-5757 | Tucson 520-888-9122 | itsupport@leeshanok.com

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