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LeeShanok IT News: 2021 Projects & Invoices

The new year is approaching, and we are running out of time for projects, equipment purchases, and related invoicing in 2021. There can be important reasons for 4th quarter invoicing:

  • Budget is still available in 2021 or in 4th quarter
  • 2021 budget goes away in 2022 (use it or lose it)
  • Invoicing needs to be completed in 2021 and/or 4th quarter for tax reasons
  • Project plans were made earlier in 2021 but not pursued
  • Equipment needs to be replaced and you still have available budget

Supply Chain Delays

We are still experiencing serious delays in technology order fulfillment. Orders for new hardware, software and licenses may not arrive until next year. However, if your budget allows you to order and pay for purchases in these remaining months of 2021, placing your order now will get you further ahead for a 2022 delivery.

Next Steps

Contact a LeeShanok Account Manager to discuss your 2021 projects and equipment ordering, as well as timing of invoices and payments.

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