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AI is Here! Now What?

ChatGPT and related AI technologies are making headlines for their ability to generate natural-language text. But cybersecurity experts agree it’s only a matter of time before hackers learn to use these tools to refine their attacks.

Knowing what to expect from these attacks means you’ll know how to defend against them!

How Hackers Use ChatGPT

AI tools make cyberattacks more accessible to more people in two key ways:

  1. Generating malicious code – Hackers today have to create or purchase the software used in their attacks. AI lowers these barriers by generating malicious code. These AI tools have guardrails in place to stop this activity, but hackers have already discovered workarounds. Would-be hackers no longer need coding expertise or the money to purchase prebuilt tools.
  2. Writing phishing attacks – ChatGPT is designed to mimic human language, which means it can write very convincing phishing emails and websites. The threat actor doesn’t even need to speak English. With just an internet connection, hackers have an expert copywriter that can write legitimate-sounding text that can easily fool the untrained eye.

What Can I Do?

Security awareness training for your entire team is the number one way to keep your organization secure. The attacks AI tools enable are not new, but they make attacks harder to detect by untrained users. 

Did you know LeeShanok clients receive annual security awareness training at no cost? Call us at (602) 277-5757 or (520) 888-9122 to scheduleGive us an hour of your team’s time, and we’ll give you the knowledge needed to stay secure.

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