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Hackers Mailing Bad USB Drives

According to a new FBI warning, cyber criminals are mailing USB drives capable of installing malware onto business networks. These known “BadUSB” attacks claim to either be a message from the Department of Health and Human services regarding COVID-19 or a gift from Amazon.

In these recent cases, USB drives injected keystrokes onto the victim’s computer. These keystrokes led to the installation of ransomware. This is one of many possible attacks BadUSB drives are capable of.

What should I do?

Never plug in an unfamiliar USB Drive. This includes devices received in the mail or found out in the street. Be extra cautious of USB drives with enticing labels like “Bitcoins” or “Gift Cards.” It’s best to dispose of these devices immediately.

If you come across a USB Drive you think may have important data on it, send the device to your IT provider. They will be able to view the contents in a secure sandbox environment.

USB Security, and Other Cybersecurity Tips, in This Week’s Webinar

USB Security is just one of the many important topics covered in the IT Security Awareness for the Common Worker 101B training.

The free training will take place this Thursday, January 13th from 11am – 11:45am. Topics include:

  • Next gen phishing prevention
  • USB Safety
  • Strengthening your Human Firewall
  • Updates & Patches
  • & Much More

Miss last month’s 101A training? No problem! 101B is a standalone webinar with crucial cybersecurity tips for every employee, regardless of IT expertise. Hope to see you there!

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