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LeeShanok IT News IT Resolutions for 2022!

The new year is just around the corner! As the calendar turns, it’s a great time to reflect on what you want from the year ahead. Here are our top five IT resolutions for 2022.

Top 5 IT New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Set your IT roadmap – What goals do you have for your technology next year? What will no longer be supported in 2022? What kind of support will you need? A clear destination makes the journey much easier.
  2. Schedule annual cybersecurity training for everyone at your company. Cybercrime is expected to increase again in 2022. Education is the best defense, make sure everyone is well trained. Our next cybersecurity training is Thursday Jan. 13th. Register Here.
  3. Get adequate cyber insurance – With the increasing risk, cyber insurance is growing more and more important. Make sure you have an appropriate policy. Riders on your general liability policy may no longer be enough.
  4. Invest in collaboration – The shift to hybrid and fully remote work is expected to continue in 2022. Make sure you’re getting the most from your collaboration tools so your teams don’t become isolated.
  5. Thoroughly assess your cloud strategy – Businesses are expected to continue migrating more functions to the cloud. This opens to the door to higher efficiency and lower costs but getting the migration right can be difficult. Each vendor, their reliability, security, and functionality all must be carefully considered.

As always, LeeShanok is happy to help! Let us know how we can help you stick to these resolutions, or any others you’re making for 2022.

LeeShanok Network Solutions is Turning 25!
On January 1st, LeeShanok will officially turn 25! We’re excited we can finally rent a car, but we’re even more excited to continue helping you manage your technology.

Our success is thanks to you, our clients. Since 1997, you have challenged us to grow and adapt. The technology landscape is entirely different today than it was back then but supporting happy clients has kept us motivated to keep learning and keep getting better.

From the entire LeeShanok team, our sincerest THANK YOU! We have a lot of exciting things planned to celebrate, stay tuned!

Your Technology Partner,

The LeeShanok Team

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