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Protect your Technology From the Monsoon Season

Our brutal Arizona summer is here! And with it, our annual reminder to protect your tech from extreme weather. June is the perfect month to shore up your protection against the elements.

Protect Against Water

Water doesn’t need much of an opening to make its way in and cause damage. Follow these tips to keep the monsoon downpours out!

  • Silicone seal cracks in your walls, windows, floors, and ceilings
  • Keep plastic sheets and duct tape nearby in case of emergency.
  • Install a climate monitor that measures water/humidity in your server room. Contact us to have a climate monitor installed.

Protect Against Electrical Issues

Your battery backups, or UPS’s (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) are your best defense against power loss and power surges. Make sure you have the correct VA rated UPS for your devices:

  • Servers – Minimum 1500 VA, server-rated UPS
  • PCs/Workstations –  Minimum 500 VA rated UPS
  • Firewalls, Switches & Routers – 250 – 350 VA rated UPS
  • Life Expectancy – In ideal conditions, battery backups have a life expectancy of 2 – 3 years. If you have older UPS units, plan to replace them! New models are more efficient and come with a hardware warranty.

Protect Against Heat

The optimal server room temperature is between 68 – 71 deg F, with temperatures not exceeding 81 deg F. This can be easier said than done on 115+ days!

  • Ensure adequate airflow around devices by spacing them apart
  • Clean dust out of your devices’ air vents
  • Install a climate monitor. In addition to water/humidity, climate monitors also measure the ambient temperature. 

Inspect the A/C unit that cools your server room.

On Another Note, Join our Next Webinar! Staying Safe With Microsoft 365

Our newly revised webinar, Staying Safe with Microsoft 365 has been retooled with security tips every Microsoft 365 user should know.

And lunch is on us via a $20 Grubhub gift card! We recommend all M365 users attend, but seating is limited!

Date: Thurs. July 14th

Time: 11am – 12pm

Location: Virtual Webinar

Topics Covered:

  • Office Application Security
  • Outlook Email Security
  • Secure File Sharing
  • Backing up M365 Data

& More!

Your Technology Partner,

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