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New Microsoft Office Zero Day Exploit

Cybersecurity news sites are reporting a newly discovered attack using Microsoft Word documents. The “Follina” security flaw can infect users with malware when they open up an infected Word document, even when it’s in Protected View/Macros are disabled

As of writing this email, there is no patch currently available. But we have you covered with how to stay safe until Microsoft fixes the issue.

What Should I Do?

The best defense, as always, is to be cautious. Don’t open up any Word document from senders you don’t recognize. Remember, the document might only need to be opened to execute the attack.

For IT admins, Microsoft says one workaround is to disable MSDT (the tool being exploited). An unofficial patch has also been released as an alternative to disabling the tool. Microsoft Defender, and other antivirus/endpoint protection solutions have been updated to alert suspicious behavior. These are temporary solutions until a patch is deployed.

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