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LeeShanok IT News: Update Apple iOS and Mac OS

Users of Apple phones, tablets, computers & watches need to take action to prevent vulnerabilities when opening PDF files and from malicious images sent through iMessage. And Apple has released 2 security updates to iOS 15, now on 15.0.2.

With iMessage images, users don’t even have to open the message to have their device become infected with eavesdropping and data theft malware. And if you’ve ever opened a PDF file that accepts text entered into fields, then the file had active content that can contain commands that take over the device. Apple devices that are managed by a Mobile Device Manager (MDM) that pushes out patches to the operating system and apps should already have the latest updates. Devices not managed by an MDM will require manual intervention, as detailed below.

Back up Device to iCloud Account

Apple provides good instructions on backing up your devices to iCloud:

Backup mobile iOS device
Backup Mac computer

Update iOS Operating System in Mobile Devices

Connect power to your phone and connect it to Wifi.

Then click Settings > General > Software Update > Download and install

Update Mac OS in Apple computers

From Apple menu in corner of screen…

Click System Preferences > Software Update > Update Now

Next Steps

If you’re not sure about performing these updates, contact our team, and we’ll assist you.

IT Security Awareness Webinar

Microsoft 365 is used by many firms for their email domain hosting. Information and best practices for employees is scattered and can be confusing for some. Our webinar workshop will present an understandable overview as well as handfuls of tips to share large files securely, encrypt your messages, back up your mailbox, setting up multifactor authentication, and keep your Office Apps updated.

Register for our next free 1/2 hour webinar “Stay Safe with Microsoft 365” on November 10, 2021 from 11:00 AM – Noon. All attendees will receive free lunch with a $20 GrubHub voucher.

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