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Google Drive Warning About Suspicious Files

You may start seeing a new warning on files you open in Google Drive. When you click the link to a suspicious or dangerous file, Google displays a yellow warning banner at the top of the screen.

Malicious files, especially PDFs, shared over Google Drive are one of hackers’ favorite methods of attack. These files may attempt to install ransomware or steal sensitive information from the user. The warning is intended to prevent users from downloading these files or interacting with them.

What should I do?

If you see the warning on a file from an unknown source, don’t download it. The best course of action is to block the sender if you received it via email.

If you see the warning, but trust the source, it’s best to forward it to LeeShanok or your IT department to verify that the file is safe. This warning banner is brand new for PDFs (launched January 20th), so there may be false positives as Google fine tunes the warning system.

Security on Mobile Devices Training

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