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Safer Alternatives to Email 

Email is incredibly convenient, but it’s also highly targeted by hackers. According to Help Net Security, 83% of organizations experienced an email data breach over the past 12 months.

If a hacker got into your email account today, how much sensitive information would they find? If you’re like most people, you have documents, personal info, and maybe even a few passwords and credit cards in your inbox. This info stays in our email for months or even years.

Safer Alternatives to Email

Three safer ways to send sensitive info:

  1. Shared storage – Store documents on shared storage applications like Sharepoint, OneDrive, or Google Drive. Users with permission can access documents without the need for sending attachments.
  2. Share an expiring link – Use the above applications to create links with expiration dates. You can then use email or another messaging platform to share those links.
  3. Use secure online forms for sensitive information – Never send payment info or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) over email. A better alternative is to use a secure online form only when that information needs to be shared. Make sure you see “HTTPS” in the URL to confirm you’re using a secure site.

Following these tips will keep your information safe and your inbox far less valuable to hackers.

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