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Cybersecurity Resolutions for 2023!

Welcome to 2023! As we all reflect on goals and resolutions for the new year, don’t forget to make security a priority. Here are LeeShanok’s top four cybersecurity resolutions for 2023!

Top Four Cybersecurity Resolutions

1. Train Your Staff – Most breaches are caused by human error. Education is the best defense! LeeShanok offers FREE cybersecurity awareness training for Managed Clients and FREE security webinars to all AZ businesses. Contact your Account Manager or visit our events page for upcoming trainings.

2. Reassess Your Backups – Strong backups are the best way to recover from ransomware. But how long would your recovery take? 2023 is the year to upgrade to a true business continuity strategy. Traditional file-level backups can take weeks to recover, BCDR can have you up and running in minutes or hours.
3. Privileged Access Management – Do all of your employees need the ability to download new software? Or could they still do their jobs using preapproved software? Removing local admin privileges makes it harder for malware to spread. Our new PAM solution gives employees the access they need while removing their ability to download dangerous programs.
4. Go Beyond Antivirus – It’s time to upgrade your antivirus to XDR. The new technology protects PCs, phones, servers, IoT devices, and even email inboxes. XDR is the next evolution of endpoint protection.

Your Security Strategy for 2023

Let us show you how your business can achieve its security and compliance goals in 2023! Book an IT security strategy meeting. In our security strategy meetings, we’ll review what you already have, your goals, and the next steps to take on your security journey!

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