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Wi-Fi Security 101


Webinar was hosted Dec. 15th, 2022. Watch the Recording Below!


*Grubhub gift cards for the Wi-Fi Security 101 webinar available for employees of organizations based in Arizona. Registration form must be filled completely with the attendee’s work email address. Gift cards delivered via email during the presentation.

Wi-Fi Security 101 Webinar

About Wi-Fi Security

Hackers love using Wi-Fi as a vector to steal your data! How do you protect yourself and your company against these attacks?

Our Wi-Fi Security 101 Lunch and Learn covers the most common Wi-Fi attacks and how to defend against them. Invite your whole team to learn simple cybersecurity best practices and enjoy lunch on us!

Topics Covered

  • Public Wi-Fi Safety
  • Company Networks
  • Guest Wi-Fi
  • Types of Wi-Fi Attacks
  • And more!

    What is SASE? Beyond the Buzzword Presenters

    Shayne Caffrey Portrait

    Shayne Caffrey

    Shayne is the Marketing Director for LeeShanok. Coming from outside the IT world, he specializes in translating complex technological principals into simple  steps anyone can take to be more secure. When he’s not shouting LeeShanok’s praises from the mountaintop, he’s enjoying the smug satisfaction knowing the family dog likes him best.

    David Gunther Portrait

    David Gunther

    David is an IT professional with over ten years’ experience. As a Certified Network Technician, he supports LeeShanok’s customers by keeping systems functional and secure. When he’s not fixing IT problems, David is a regular performer across Tucson He regularly performs in musicals, improv comedy, theatrical productions, and cutthroat pun competitions.

    Who Should Attend?
    • All Employees – Learn Wi-Fi security best practices that ANYONE can use!

    • IT Professionals – Gain a stronger understanding of what SASE is and how it could fit into your environment.

    • Business Leaders – Learn why businesses are reorganizing around SASE architecture and how it affects the bottom line. 

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