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Sick of Passwords? We Are Too!

According to Google, 75% of Americans are fed up with passwords. Are you one of them? Trying to remember a unique password for every account is impossible. Most of us reuse passwords across multiple sites. Passwords are a weak link in your cyber defenses!

We have a new password manager solution that makes your company password strategy easier and more secure. These are the top 4 benefits of using a password manager:

Username and Password Screen
1. One Password to Rule them All – Imagine if you only needed to memorize one password. A password manager can create unique passwords for all your accounts. You create one master password, and the PM does the rest!

2. Share Passwords Securely – Do you keep shared passwords in a spreadsheet? Or maybe you email passwords to coworkers? STOP! Sharing passwords in encrypted messages with a password manager is much safer.
3. Effective Security – Password manager users are three times less likely to be victims of ID theft. And combining a PM with multifactor authentication reduces breached accounts by 99.9%.
4. Simplified Management – Password managers empower teams to handle their own passwords. A PM flags compromised passwords, reduces password resets, and enables centralized management to make sure everyone is compliant with your company’s password security requirements.

Your Password to Better Security

Join us for our next lunch and learn, IT Security Awareness 101 for a deeper dive into password managers and other strategies to keep yourself secure!

Date: Thursday, February 23rd
Time: 11am – 12pm
Location: Virtual Webinar
Topics Covered:
-Phishing Prevention
-Password Management
-Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
-Wi-Fi Security
-& More!

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