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LeeShanok IT News: IT Security Webinars Fall 2021

So your firm has layered security in place to protect against common threats to your network, domain, storage and end-user devices. Even so, employees remain a wild card if they have not received training in Cyber-Security Awareness.

For example, email and text phishing to personal and company-owned phones can bypass enterprise security by tricking the user into entering email credentials into a fake Microsoft 365 site. And seemingly safe Wifi hotspot connections in a favorite restaurant can actually be connected through a spoofed hotspot hosted by another customer sitting close by, allowing them to capture keystrokes and login credentials.

These and other risks target common workers and the devices we use each day. According to Malwarebytes, employees are a vital link in a firm’s digital IT security strategy, and they need periodic security awareness training to strengthen the human firewall. This is critical, as many will continue working in-office & remotely while connecting to company and on-line resources using personal and company-owned devices.

We have split our mainstream webinar course into two 30 minute online workshops. The content in each is self-standing, but attending both A & B will provide you the complete training curriculum. Certificates of Completion for you and/or your firm will be provided.

  • IT Security 101 A for the Common Worker
  • Wednesday, Sept 8, 2021
  • 11:00 AM – 11:35 AM
  • Register
  • IT Security 101 B for the Common Worker
  • Wednesday, Oct 13, 2021
  • 11:00 AM – 11:35 AM
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These events are free, but don’t let that fool you. We continuously update our workshops to keep pace with newly discovered risks, and we have assisted many firms in passing compliance audits where security awareness training was a requirement.

Got new staff? These workshops should be required training for new employees. Cisco found that “the majority of SMB organizations make security awareness training mandatory.”

Use the registration links above to reserve your spot, and feel free to forward to others.

Your technology Partner,

The LeeShanok Team

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