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Who’s Securing Your Security?

What happens when the security tools you rely on are breached? Password manager LastPass recently reported theft of internal source code. Thankfully, no user passwords were stolen, but it’s a good reminder that even cybersecurity tools can be hacked!

It can be frustrating when security companies are breached, but there are a few things you can do to prepare!

Preparing for a Third-Party Breach

In last week’s IT Security 201 webinar, we talked about the importance of planning. Preparing for a third-party breach means you’ll be ready to act quickly.

  • Document your Security Tools – Identify which tools you use and your level of dependence on them. How serious would it be if the company that makes those tools was hacked? Try to quantify the risk.
  • Enable Multi-factor Authentication – Enabling MFA on user accounts gives hackers another major hurdle to clear to access your data.
  • Create a Plan – What will you do when you hear the news of a breach? Switch providers? Heighten your own security? Wait and see? Your response will probably vary depending on the details of the breach. Create contingencies!
  • Rely on LeeShanok – Our team is committed to keeping your organization secure. We keep a close eye on cybersecurity news and the tools we manage for our client environments. One more benefit of being on a managed plan!

It’s important to keep in mind that these breaches are relatively rare. But whether you rely on security tools for your whole enterprise or just your home PC, use these strategies to stay ready!

Mobile Device Security
Your team is doing work on the go, but are they staying secure? Invite your team to join us at next month’s webinar, Optimizing Security for Mobile Devices!

Date: Thursday, September 22

Time: 11AM – 12PM

Location: Virtual

Topics Covered:

  • App Security
  • Spam Calls
  • Mobile Phishing Prevention
  • Lost/Stolen Devices
  • & More

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