Finish the Hunt!

You’re Almost There!

Just one more challenge and you’ll have everything you need to complete the hunt! Complete these simple calculations depending on where you live.

Final Math Challenge – Phoenix

Complete these questions if you live in PHOENIX

(The smallest two-digit prime number x 2) + (Number of burger-making "Guys" x 2) + (Roman Numeral I) + 0.4924

(HTTP Status indicating OK - number of degrees in a right angle + 2.0647) x -1

Final Math Challenge – Tucson

Complete these questions if you live in TUCSON

(The year LeeShanok was founded/100) x (How many numbers are in a binary number system) - (The number of bits in a byte) +.3245

(Number of pennies in a dollar + Atomic number of sodium - 0.0412) x -1

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