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Windows 11: Proceed as Needed

When Windows 11 launched to the public, we recommended businesses delay the upgrade. Now, seven months after release, most compatibility and reliability issues appear to be resolved. We’re updating our Windows 11 recommendation to proceed as-needed.

What Do I Need to Do?

According to Microsoft, Windows 11 streamlines the PC experience to make you more productive. However,  Microsoft will continue to support Windows 10 until 2025. That means there’s no rush to upgrade. 

If you use specialty tools like check scanners or specialized software, confirm compatibility with your vendor before upgrading. After confirming with your vendors, we recommend you roll out the update on a test-case basis before pushing it out to the whole organization. 

When you’re ready to upgrade, LeeShanok is happy to assist. We can also help you acquire and configure new PCs, many of which run on Windows 11. As always, please reach out to your account manager with any questions. 

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