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Janet Jackson Hacking Laptops?!

We can never be sure where the next hack will come from! Janet Jackson’s 1989 hit Rhythm Nation is now considered a security vulnerability. The song creates a resonant frequency that crashes old 5400 RPM hard drives in laptops from 2005!

Does this mean you have to ban 80s pop from the office? I can’t go for that. But it’s a great reminder to expect the unexpected! Planning is key to keep you and your tech from being under pressure.

Planning for the Unexpected

If you’re not expecting something, how can you prepare for it? In the world of security, it’s about minimizing the chances of surprises, and knowing what to do when they come up.

  • Minimize the chances of a surprise – Attacks using new methods can be stopped or slowed. Modern security tech adapts to new threats. Follow our cybersecurity checklist minimize the likelihood of a successful attack. 
  • Develop a breach response plan – Do you and your team know what to do if you’re hacked? Create a plan to contain, remediate, and communicate the breach. And make sure everyone knows their roles and responsibilities before crisis hits! 

Following these tips might not stop the next Billboard Hot 100-based attack, but it will improve your security posture. And LeeShanok is here to help too! We’re never gonna give you up.

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