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The Cybersecurity Checklist Every IT Professional Needs

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Cybersecurity Checklist

As an IT professional, you’re responsible for protecting sensitive data and preventing cyberattacks. This cybersecurity checklist will help you stay on track. Download this e-guide to make sure your organization has a roadmap to stay secure.

Cybercrime is estimated to cost the world a total of $10.5 TRILLION by 2025. It’s up to business IT leaders to protect their companies from losses. This checklist covers the 16 most essential actions you need to do to secure your organization.

Download the guide for your complete cybersecurity checklist and learn how to protect yourself against 95% – 99% of cybersecurity breaches.

Receive Your Full Cybersecurity Checklist

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These are our top three cybersecurity checklist tips. Download the full checklist for the complete list!

1. Enable Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) offers an additional level of security beyond the username/password combination. Most commonly, MFA requires linking a registered device like a smartphone to an account. When a user attempts to access the account with their credentials, MFA will ping the smartphone with a verification request.

Business environments should use an authenticator app like Duo Mobile. IT admins can enforce MFA policies across the organization. MFA offers the best protection against compromised passwords and security breaches.

2. Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Every employee who connects to your organization’s network needs a foundational understanding of cyber threats and security. A good cybersecurity awareness training program covers:

  • Phishing prevention
  • Password Management
  • Social Engineering
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Data Protection
  • Wi-Fi Security
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Remote Work Security
  • & specific topics related to your business

Because technology changes so rapidly, your staff needs regular training. We recommend annual company-wide training as well as cybersecurity training during new employee orientation.

LeeShanok offers free virtual training for all Arizona businesses. Visit leeshanok.com/events for a schedule of our upcoming trainings.

3. Install Next Generation Firewalls (NGFWs)

Now it’s time to install technology to protect your network. Firewalls are a great place to start. Any firewalls on your network should be next-generation firewalls. NGFWs provide the same protection against conventional attacks as traditional firewalls, but they also provide protection up to the application layer.

Additionally, next-generation firewalls access the latest threat intelligence to automatically update against new attacks. Other features include built-in intrusion prevention systems, content filtering, and remote management. These features make NGFWs the necessary standard for network protection.

Beyond security, firewalls are required by every major cybersecurity compliance standard. Check out our guide to choosing the Next Generation Firewall that’s right for you.

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Download the Complete Cybersecurity Checklist

The complete cybersecurity checklist has more than a dozen additional tips to secure your network. The complete checklist is your roadmap to a secure environment. Follow the steps as your first steps on your cybersecurity journey!

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