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Selecting a Solution Provider

When selecting a provider of data center solutions, you want a visionary industry leader with a proven ability to execute. The Gartner Group publishes their Magic Quadrant annual report and Cisco has been named a leader for Meeting Solutions in the last 13 reports. LeeShanok’s team holds a seat on Cisco’s Small Business Advisory Committee and we are a long-term Cisco premier-level partner and reseller.

Another important development is the Automation of Infrastructure, and here too Cisco ranks among the top leaders by Gartner Group.

On-premise Data Center

Data. It’s at the core of business operations. Many firms manage their own on-premise data center. But in today’s rapidly changing environment, some firms are finding it increasingly difficult to manage their data center internally.

LeeShanok understands this challenge, and we provide a customized Cisco DataCenter designed to meet your Phoenix business data storage needs. Using a consultative approach, we partner with our customers to develop Advanced IT Solutions.

Simplified, Scalable Solutions

As your company grows or goes through business changes, your data center footprint doesn’t have to experience the same complicated changes. Your needs may not require rack upon rack of power-hungry servers; the data center can be scalable to the size and capability required by the business. A data center can literally fit into a closet or single rack if designed accurately with scalable equipment. LeeShanok designs and manages next-generation data center architectures that are unified, friendly, and efficient for IT administrators to support. Your data center can be simplified and designed for the virtual world.

To help you get started, see Cisco’s introduction What Is a Data Center.

Design Templates

To help with design templates, Cisco provides validated design guides for a variety of solutions and by industry.


Datacenter switches should be built for scale, automation, programmability, and real-time visibility.

Compute Resources

Cisco recommends modernizing computing infrastructure by simplifying your server architecture and data center infrastructure. Part of simplification involves streamlining systems management with Unified Computing solutions that run UCS Management Software. LeeShanok recommends Cisco’s UCS C-Series Rack Servers (UCS C220 M5, UCS C240 M5).

For the ultimate in performance and flexibility, we recommend Cisco Hyperflex hyper-converged infrastructure.

What does your firm need?

  • Enterprise Data Center – On-premise data center owned and operated by the firm
  • Managed Services Data Center – On-premise data center owned by the firm but managed by an MSP (managed service provider)
  • Colocation Data Center – The firm rents space off-premise to house its data center equipment, but the firm self manages its equipment
  • Cloud Data Center – The firm pays monthly for virtualized server and storage resources housed in another firm’s data center


From line-of-business applications to physical or virtual environments, our custom storage architecture is tailored to the exact fit of your business. Cisco offers multiple SAN solutions that offer performance, reliability, and flexibility. Cisco’s UCS C220 and C240 compute devices have slots for ½ height and full height drives, or you can explore a SAN solution that adds capacity that is flexible across data center resources.

Cisco Financing

Cisco offers multiple financing solutions that can soften the up-front expenditure to equip your data center solution faster than the budget allows. Contact LeeShanok to see what Cisco and LeeShanok can do for your business.

Risks to Data Centers

See our newsletter on Monsoon Season 2020 on tips to keep your server room safe during the rainy season, combating water, power surges, and heat issues.

Past Event: Server Desktop Virtualization and Storage

Cisco Presentation
Cisco Presentation
Cisco Presentation