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VPN Service (Virtual Private Network) Site to Site Connectivity

From Arizona to New York! Why limit business because of geography? With VPN Service technology, your geographically dispersed network can become one. Partner with your vendors, clients or collaborate with your colleagues with the power of VPN solutions with Cisco.

Site-to-site VPN service establishes secure connections across a public network to make digital resources available between two different geographical locations. This is available in two ways, either Intranet-based or Extranet-based.

If you are intending to connect multiple office locations within your business, this would fall under the intranet-based category. This is designed to create a single, private network that connects the individual LAN at each location to a primary WAN.

Extranet-based VPNs are designed to meet the needs between two parties that work in close relationship to one another, but aren’t within the same company requiring a private network. This is optimal with partnered companies, customers or suppliers. This VPN service can connect to the LAN of the other location, allowing each to collaborate in a shared secure network. This prevents either side from accessing the intranet of the other.

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