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Server Virtualization

Server Virtualization

What is Server Virtualization?

Consolidate servers, deploy faster, and reduce your total cost of supporting your IT infrastructure. Virtualizing servers helps IT organizations improve their business in many ways:

  • Consolidate multiple operating systems and applications in single physical server chassis
  • Upgrade server architectures and operating systems without changes to physical chassis
  • Increase server memory and storage space in minutes without physical hardware upgrades
  • Hardware redundancy at all levels with High Availability features to prevent server downtime
  • Pool data storage for all applications
  • Move applications from one server to another in minutes saving on service times, new installs, data migrations

Business benefits

How It Benefits Your Business

Implement failover, high availability, and disaster recovery features with ease to prevent complete server downtime. Pool data storage for all applications and move applications from one server to another in minutes saving on new installs and data migrations. Manage hundreds of desktop computers from one base image with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

Your business depends on your ability to scale and grow and to minimize the need to migrate to new platforms if you are not required to. Disruption and data loss are unacceptable and costly, and server virtualization provides an extra configurable layer that reduces disruption and unexpected hardware expenses.

Additional Information

Key Components

  • The Intel Xeon and Itanium processors provide a full range of 32-bit and 64-bit applications
  • The Intel Chipset enables virtualization with Directed I/O technology
  • I/O Devices provide pooled storage allocation across the ‘server farm’ allowing you to balance and allocate what you need where you need it
  • Processor Interrupt Prioritization allows critical business applications to perform optimally

Key Benefits

  • Consolidate multiple legacy servers into a single system image
  • Backups can utilize system images (snapshots) of virtualized servers that take minutes rather than hours to complete
  • System images (snapshots) can be run on-demand in minutes
  • System image files are easy to back up on-premise and to a cloud storage account
  • Improve hardware system performance across multiple virtualized servers
  • Grow as you need to by adding memory, shared disk, and processor power as needed
  • Deploy new applications alongside your existing software applications at gigabit speeds
  • Enjoy the benefits of reduced space, power, convenience, and predictable expenses
  • Get the best value for your server and software investment!

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