Dark Web Monitoring

LeeShanok Network Solutions announced a new Dark Web Monitoring Service through its partnership with ID Agent, provider of Dark Web monitoring and identity theft protection solutions. With Dark Web ID, LeeShanok Network Solutions offers free preliminary Dark Web scans, and around the clock monitoring and alerting for increasingly compromised digital credentials, scouring millions of sources, including botnets, criminal chat rooms, peer-to-peer networks, malicious websites, bulletin boards and illegal black market sites.

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“We are excited to offer this addition to our existing portfolio of commercial IT services,” said Eric LeeShanok. “Our existing services host, secure, protect and maintain company domains, devices and credentials, but online accounts that were opened a decade or more ago often use a common password used on other sites as well. When one of these sites is breached, stolen credentials eventually show up on Dark Web forums (like Craig’s List for the unethical), and can provide access to company domains and any accounts opened with those credentials. We can now deliver a cost effective solution that provides businesses of all sizes with the same advanced credential monitoring capabilities used by Fortune 500 companies.”

Today we know to use complex passwords, different for each site, but in the past we tended to use the same password on every site to avoid forgetting them. When our monitoring finds these credentials on the Dark Web, the report we deliver provides necessary detail to change passwords within the company domain and at any remote sites where those credentials reside.

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We now offer all Arizona based companies a FREE Preliminary Dark Web Scan of their email domain, and the report you receive may contain email addresses and masked passwords offered for sale in the underworld. This can provide detail needed to selectively change passwords and protect a company from unauthorized access.

Dark web scan

We also offer round the clock monitoring and reporting for $100 / month / domain that will notify on new activity and any instances of their credentials offered for sale.

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