Solutions Overview | LeeShanok Network Solutions

LeeShanok Network Solutions provides services and solutions to many common issues and business objectives. Offering professional assessments, design, deployment, and management of solutions, LeeShanok is a full-service Managed IT Security Service provider with nearly 30 years of continuous operations and staffed offices in Tucson and Phoenix.

Office group

LeeShanok’s Certified Skillset

  • Private and public cloud hosting
  • Virtualization of server and storage resources
  • Backup solutions
  • Cloud solutions (private, public, hybrid)
  • VoIP / Unified Communications
  • Remote workforce solutions
  • IT Security Awareness training and certification
  • Email phishing simulation
  • Network penetration testing
  • Dark Web domain scanning
  • Office moves with planning and checklists
  • Wireless solutions including campus-wifi
  • Business center design and management
  • Workgroup scanning and printing
  • Server and workstation design, deployment, and management
  • Staff technical training (on-site and web-based)
  • Staffed Security Operations Center (SOC)


  • Network infrastructure documentation
  • Penetration testing
  • Email phishing preparedness
  • Dark web scanning of company and email domains
  • Wifi coverage evaluation
  • Preparedness for cloud migration
  • Remote workforce optimization
  • Server room environmental controls

Network Vulnerability Assessment

Design and Deployment Services

  • Active directory
  • Group security policy structure
  • Storage area network (SAN)
  • Wifi coverage
  • Point to point Wifi
  • Physical and virtual servers
  • Email domain and account with security structure
  • Cloud services (Google Enterprise, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Adobe Cloud)
  • Custom software as a service (SaaS)
  • Co-location
  • Backup solutions (On-site, NAS, cloud, DFS replication between locations)
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Environmental solutions for server rooms
  • Fiber migration
  • NC Controllers in manufacturing environments
  • IT security policies and procedures manuals
  • Industry regulatory compliance and audit preparedness

Managed IT Services

LeeShanok offers Managed IT Plans to Arizona businesses, providing management and support of a firm’s on-premise infrastructure and remote workforce, all for a low monthly fee. Contact us to discuss your needs and to see how well our plans fit your budget and provide reliability to your use of your technology.

  • End-point workstations
  • Servers with VDI, remote access, Active Directory
  • Mobile devices with centralized management
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Edge security management
  • Continuous dark web monitoring of domains
  • Continuous email phish testing and training of staff
  • Industry regulatory compliance and audit success
  • Private and public cloud hosting
  • Patch and update management
  • Vendor management
  • Inventory and asset management
  • Warranty management and administration

Hosting of Your Servers in LeeShanok’s Data Center

  • Redundancy of every data center component and sub-system
  • Dual internet providers with fiber channels
  • Redundant gas-power generators
  • Powerful environmental HVAC (temperature, humidity, dust control)
  • 3 foot thick steel-reinforced concrete walls, floor and ceiling
  • Redundant UPS battery backups
  • Cisco UCS compute modules
  • Redundant Storage SAN
  • Nightly full backups
  • Guaranteed availability of 99.999%
  • VMware environment for server hosting
  • Cisco ASA firewall with FirePOWER IPS
  • Geo-fencing off of known risky geographies
  • Terminal server provided with each virtualized hosted server
  • All available firmware and software patches applied at no incremental cost
  • Coordination and linking to client’s other cloud environments
  • Permanent VPN tunnels between the hosted server and client’s physical sites
  • Support for VDI (virtual desktops)

Our data center is surrounded by secure concrete walls with pre-stressed reinforced steel, high-performance connections to the Internet, regular network security assessments, environmental control, and redundant Internet connectivity, power, and A/C to ensure reliability and uptime. Our team can provide you a professional and unique identity on the Internet that best reflects the image and reputation of your business.

Mobile Solutions

Laptops and smartphones are an integral part of doing business, but today there are many other types of mobile-connected devices. Some are owned and managed by your firm, while other devices are employee-owned and managed. Let LeeShanok take care of managing your mobile end-points for security and reliability.

Virtual Hosting Solutions

LeeShanok provides virtual hosting services (virtual desktop, VDI) within our secure data center. This model allows the use of low-cost “thin client” devices that also provide low support requirements. LeeShanok can help you strategically set up layers of security in your virtual environment and provide regular network security assessments to ensure your network remains secure!

Server Solutions

Not all servers are built the same. A server multitasks and performs many roles to provide performance and reliability for your network. Servers built with server-grade hardware are validated with server operating systems, have multi-core processors, operate speedy hot-swap 15K RPM hard drives, memory with error correction, rack-mount capable, structured cooling capabilities, redundant power supplies, and designed to be up 24×7. Don’t just turn any desktop PC into a server and call it a server.