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Cisco Phones

Look! Even Batman would have loved our Cisco phone systems! We’re even happier that our partners at CS Design Studios took advantage of these phones as part of their for his networking solutions and are enjoying them so much!

CS Design Studios

Look at our new Cisco phone systems that LeeShanok’s Team installed for us this week! They’re like our new Bat Phones that business call when they need Web Design, Website Management or Reputation Management.

Granted they are black instead of red, but Batman would have probably been happier with these phones. He could have received video calls from Commissioner Gordon, so that the Commissioner could show him exactly how high the window Ms. Damsel In Distress was being held out of to know which Bat Vehicle to use. He could have used Jabber to send a message to Alfred letting him know he needed hot tea instead of walking all the way up the Bat Stairs. He could have selected a special ringtone for the Bat Team versus calls from outside the layer, so he could determine weather he was “too busy” to talk to Robin at that particular moment. Batman could have also put his customized logo of the Bat Signal on the screen. He could also have personalize his Bat Cave phone number from the rest of team’s numbers so Vicki Vale could dial him directly, and even put it in Do Not Disturb when she stopped by. He could have also conference called the whole Bat Team within the layer, and put them on speaker while he got dressed in his Bat Suite.

All of this would have been possible if Batman had called LeeShanok’s Team for his telephone networking solutions, phone installation & equipment needs, and phone line hosting services, like we did.

Batman didn’t take advantage of these services and equipment, but our Tucson Web Design Team is!

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