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Layers of Security

IT Security today is like an onion with concentric layers of protection, where each layer must be compromised to get to the center. The military calls this “deep defense”, as multiple defensive layers work together to deflect or slow down an attack.

Next generation firewalls remain your first line of defense with monitoring, content filtering, intrusion prevention, and 2 factor VPN access. Active Directory and Group Policy enforce consistent rights management that enables employees to work with the data they need, but protects the data they don’t need. Modern cloud and client/server apps encrypt data in transit. Antivirus software and operating system patches protect both servers and end-user devices. Organizational policies, procedures and backups protect against and respond to threats.

We recommend:

  1. Design and periodically review IT security strategy with certified specialists.
  2. Cisco Meraki or ASA 5506X Next Gen Firewall, with annual subscription for content filtering and intrusion prevention.
  3. Dashboard managed end-point protection software on company-owned PCs, tablets and smart phones.
  4. LeeShanok’s Managed IT or Hosted plans, where we design role-based access to your network and data, and enforce it through Active Directory and Group Policy.
  5. SSL VPN two-factor authenticated remote access to network.
  6. Modern supported operating systems patched with the latest security updates.
  7. VoIP and Video over IP communications need to be encrypted and secured too.
  8. Local and cloud backup of servers and data repositories that can spin up quickly following disaster.
  9. Physically locking server rooms, and automatic screen locking of PCs and phones.

Layered IT Security is not a “set and forget” exercise. Contact us for a complimentary review of your situation and professionally designed security that will protect your most valuable assets: your ability to research, compute, communicate and contribute to your company’s supply and value chains.

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