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Virtual Trade Show Invitation

The AZ Tech Council hosts their annual “Tech & Business Expo”, a trade show normally at Tucson Convention Center that includes lots of interesting presentations, workshops, and vendor booths. This year with COVID-19, the event is going virtual and being entirely held inside the Verbela Open Campus platform. Navigating and communicating inside the event involves customizing an Avatar, and by using computer speakers and microphone a participant can speak with and listen to others in the event. Want to listen to a presentation? Just navigate your Avatar into the auditorium, sit down, and watch and listen to the presentation. The keynote speaker is from Raytheon sharing “Vision with Precision for Arizona and the Globe”.

LeeShanok’s team will be hosting a booth (called a “private room”) where we’ll be available to discuss technology ideas and best practices with attendees. We will have flyers on various topics available that you can download to your computer. We also will hold a post-event raffle of a $250 Amazon Gift Certificate, and a handful of $50 Certificates as well. To be entered into the raffle, attendees will need to take a screen snip of our private room and email that to us.

For members of AZ Tech Council, registration costs $20, and for non-members it’s $40.

Virtual Booth Exhibition Hall

Auditorium for Presentations

My Avatar in Auditorium

Overview and Registration

We believe that virtual events are the wave of the future, reducing the need to travel while  enabling effective engagement and interaction within the event.

Come see us at our booth, and keep fingers crossed during our raffle.

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